1975 FANI is founded in Chiampo (Italy) thanks to the cooperation between Mr. Domenico Faedo and Mr. Omero Luigi Nicolato.
Mr. Faedo's "know-how" in mechanical-textile field inspires him to find a way to detect breakages in the spinning frames: the first product is called STOP-FIL and it's an electro-mechanical sensor,to check the spindles one by one.

1977 First important supply for a total amount of 100.000 spindles

1979 ITMA-Hannover: FANI introduces "STRAPPASTOPPINO", a device to stop the roving in case of yarn-break

1987 FANI introduces the first electro-magnetical sensor: SENSORFIL born

1988 The company develops the evolution of "Strappastoppino": ROVING STOP born

1989 First supply abroad (Spain)

1990 For the first time, FANI installs a software to collect breakages-datas from the ring frames (Portugal) 

1995 Mr. Faedo buys the 100% of FANI. The company expands its Sales Network in Europe
In the same year, FANI attends ITMA-Milan catching the eye to manifacturers and new customers 

1996 The birth of the first optical sensor: "STAR".
It detects the breakages of elastomeric yarn (Core Spun).

2003 The increasing business, requires a bigger production space: FANI moves to a new building (the corrent one)

2005 FANI 30th Anniversary 

2006 Following a research continuously in evolution, SENSORFIL reaches the 10th generation, with the mode known as “Sensorfil X8”. More than 5 million spindles will be controlled by this sensor in the subsequent 11 years.

2007 PINTER acquires FANI.  This spanish company based in Catalunya is specialised in the Core Yarn and Slub attachments manufacture: it's the perfect match!

2010 FANI optical detector, used mainly to detect elastic filament reaches the 7th generation, and for the first time is able to detect black filament. More than 4 million sensors will be sold in the subsequent 7 years.

2015 For the first time, the optical detector can detect two different filaments in one single sensor. The possibility to detect elastic + hard filament together is now real. More than 500K sensors sold in just 12 months after the launch in the market.

2015 A new sensor born: STARTWIST, to detect breakages in Twisting machines.

2016 FANI introduces the new optical sensor for yarn MULTISTAR: the first sensors in the world able to detect rpm by reflection technology!