Microsensor EVO

The smallest yarn detector ever

      • Microsensor EVO is the last generation of individual electromagnetic sensor.
      • Detecting the movement of the traveller, it controls Status and rpm of each yarn position.
      • One L.E.D. in front of each spinning position, by the use of different blinking, can show all the possible status of the yarn: Broken / Low twist / Rogue / Idle.
      • Another big L.E.D. with two colours every 8 spindles alarms the operators of the presence of any irregularity, from long distance.
        RED L.E.D.: broken; BLUE L.E.D.: any other special status.


Special Features

      • The sensor is the smallest in the market: less than 6 mm high, for the best operator’s comfort during his work.
      • Improved performances: average distance from ring increased up to 16 mm*.
      • Auto diagnosis function: the Control Unit continuously monitors the key parameters of the sensors, and alerts in real time the presence of any trouble, saving great time to the maintenance team.
      • Automatic regulation: the sensor find itself the best working parameters.
      • Available for 68.75; 70 ;75 mm and by other ring frame gauges.
      • Super fast detection and communication, allows to detect the breaks in less than 1 second, and activates the roving stop in less than 3 seconds.

* Depending on the traveller size 



    • Dust doesn’t affect the performance of the sensors.
    • The new design of the aluminium profile, with thickness of only 16 mm and curved top edge, increases the strength of the sensor’s cover and gives the best comfort for all the working procedures. 
    • L.E.D. Lights installed directly in the PCB: ensure stronger system and easier maintenance, because each sensor has only two wires.
    • From the new Touch Screen control unit it’s easy to manage settings, options, troubleshooting, and also include a stand-alone monitoring system capable to show 20 shifts of past spindles events and production data.
    • The only way to avoid low twist of 100% of the spindles.
    • Smaller dimension and lighter weight than our previous sensors.
    • It’s the only magnetic sensors in front of the ring and lower than the ring edge, this allows the operator to piece the yarn as before.
    • The tower lamps installed on the four corners, or the display L.E.D, allows the operator to change completely the patrolling path,  reducing walking time and increasing operator’s performances.

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